Satia’s Fitness: What I’m Doing in April


On the first of April, I started two challenges. One I found here and the other is one I’ve done before. I do a sun salutation a day, building up to 30 by the end of the month.  Previously, when I created this challenge for myself, I was doing yoga regularly, even beginning most of my practices with a few sun salutations. I was surprised the first time I did this challenge for several reasons.

  • First, I was pleasantly surprised by how much heat a few sun salutations can generate. By the end of the month, I’ll be dripping sweat.
  • Two, I had never ever been able to bring my left foot forward from downward facing dog to the low lunge and land my foot between my hands. I had always had to sort of shuffle my left foot forward. So you can imagine my surprise when, the first time I did the challenge, my left foot landed squarely between my hands for the first time. It was about two weeks into the challenge and didn’t happen every time. But by month’s end, it was happening each and every time.
  • Three, sun salutations really can work the whole body, depending on what kind you do. I do a sun salutation series that I learned when I was younger, a hatha yoga based sequence. This doesn’t challenge the lower body per se but there are variations of surya namaskar that include poses that will challenge the lower body (e.g. triangle, warrior, chair, et al). Still, it can be quite the workout and my body feels so good when I am done.

The thing is, when I did 21 Day Fix back in March, I noticed how much flexibility I had lost and was not happy about it. Part of my motivation for doing this challenge a second time is so that I can regain some of my lost flexibility.

Yesterday, I started doing some more things.

First, I began the 21 Day Fix a second time. I had such success the first time I did the DVDs, that I couldn’t wait to start them again. In fact, I tried a few other DVDs during my week off and I didn’t find anything I liked even half as much as I love Autumn Calabrese’s workouts. Seriously! So I was chomping at the bit to start again. Then I was disappointingly surprised to find I could no longer do some of the moves using the same weights I had used during days 15-21 the first time through. Lesson learned—I won’t be taking a week off after I finish this 21 days! In fact, I don’t intend on taking another break until I leave on a trip in July.

Second, I began using Chalene Johnson’s PiYo. I’m hoping that this program will help restore some of my flexibility. To that end, I had Rob take some “before” pictures of what I can do, using some examples from this book:  Stretching by Suzanne Martin. And yes, I plan on blogging about my PiYo experience just as I had done with 21 Day Fix, here on my “new” blog.

I just need to make time to write up the post! It’s coming. Along with other posts. If I can make the time.

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